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250 Watt Motorized Cooler Scooter - New!
Our new 250 Watt Cooler Scooter moves around the lots with ease but is a little easier on yur wallet! This version of our rideable cooler propels you and up to 24 of your favorite 12 oz. beverages (and ice!) around the lot, beach, or neighborhood at up to 13 MPH. With a range of up to 6 miles per charge, you can take a load off while distributing beverages to friends and neighbors. You don't even need to get up thanks to the easy access beverage lid that lets you reach into the cooler while sitting on the top. Cooler measures 24" long, 17" wide and 18" high and weighs 64 lbs dry. Rider capacity of 180 lbs (but we’ve field tested up to 250). Available in Sky Blue (pictured) and White.
Sorry! Temporarily out of stock. More in January. Questions or if you would like to reserve one - please email us at Item # 0315204

250 Watt Motorized Cooler Scooter $399.00

  New Products
Power Up your Tailgate
Run any appliance from your car, boat, truck or RV! With our Blacj and Decker two-socket inverter you can bring comfort and convince to your tailgate. Try an oscillating fan to keep you cool or a television so you can tune into the pre and post-game shows. Practically any small household appliances can operate right off the car battery when you use an inverter. A failsafe devise warns you when the battery is running low and it will shut down if you do not start the engine up. Inverter features two options to connect to your battery - plugged in to your 12 Volt Socket (100 Watt power limit) or clip directly to your battery (500 Watts of power!)
Item # 9918001

This ships within 1 business day from Chicago

Black and Decker 500 Watt Inverter $49.95

  New Products
Shamrock Ring Bottle Opener!
Perfect for St Patrick's Day! Be the life of the party with the bottle opener you wear! No more forcing open bottle tops with lighters or on the side of a table, just slip the ring on your middle finger, hook the ring on the bottle top and lift your wrist...Pssssshhhh. The bottle opens with ease!. Select from eight sizes. To measure your ring size, place the thickest part of your middle finger (usually the middle joint) against a ruler, measure it and match against the closest size listed on the drop down menu. The ring works best when fitted snugly on your finger. Features Shamrock Logo engraved on ring!
Item # 9913202 Ships within 24 hours from Chicago

Shamrock Ring Bottle Opener! $12.95

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