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Prices quoted for the Proof Coin Sets were last updated 12:25 PM 11/23/2016. Due to market fluctuations
all prices are subject to change without notice.
All items listed are subject to prior sale.

Jake's Proof Set Guarantee
The early sets we offer, 1936 to 1955 will be in plastic holders.
The 1955 "flat pack" through current year will all be in the original packaging as Mint issued.
All of the Proof Sets that we offer are Guaranteed to be Choice sets!
All items listed are subject to prior sale.

Please note: The U.S. Mint did not offer a "Specifications" or "Certificate of Authenticity" insert card until 1986!

Now you can take your encased U.S. Proof sets out of their paper sleeves, cardboard boxes, and display them in Eagle Proof set albums. Album pages allow viewing from both sides, and hold U. S. Proof sets from 1955-64 and 1968 to present (excluding prestige sets). The "flat pack" sets of 1955-64 and smaller 1980-82 sets are held snugly in the album pockets with U-shaped foam adaptors. Albums include an inventory sheet on the inside front cover.

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Proof Sets
DateDescriptionMintagePriceAdd to Cart
1999-S Proof Set - 9 Coin 2,543,401 $8.00
1999-S Quarter Proof Set 1,169,958 $3.50
2000-S Quarter Proof Set 937,600 $2.50
2003-S Quarter Proof Set 1,235,832 $2.50
2004-S Proof Set - 11 Coin 1,804,396 $11.00
2004-S Quarter Proof Set 956,767 $4.50
2004-S Silver Quarters Proof Set 601,671 $23.00
2005-S Quarter Proof Set 987,000 $2.50
2005-S Silver Quarter Proof Set 608,970 $23.00
2006-S Silver Proof Set - 11 Coin - $34.50
2006-S Quarter Proof Set - $2.50
2006-S Silver Quarter Proof Set - $23.00
2007-S Proof Set 14-Coin - $15.00
2007-S Quarter Proof Set - $5.50
2007-S Silver Quarter Proof Set - $23.00
2008-S Proof Set 14-Coin - $25.50
2008-S Silver Proof Set 14-Coin - $38.50
2008-S Quarter Proof Set - $22.00
2008-S Silver Quarter Proof Set - $23.00
2008-S Presidential Dollar Proof Set - $11.00
2009-S Quarter Proof Set - $5.00
2009-S Presidential Dollar Proof Set - $7.50

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