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Francine CD- Airshow
Release date 6.13.06-
Francine makes me think about sitting on my front steps on a hot day,
drinking a beer, and watching the world go by. 'Airshow' is a perfect
record to chill out to.
-Elise Nordling, Music Director of Indie Pop Rocks! on SomaFM


Francine CD: 28 Plastic Blue Versions of Endings Without You
28 Plastic Blue Versions of Endings Without You
The CD with the longest title in Q history, this John Dragonetti (aka Jack Drag) produced gem was released in March of 2003.
28 is a grower, a disc with depth to spare to reward repeated listenings. - CMJ
Technical Books/ Inside Joke/ This Sunday's Revival/ Fake Fireplace Things/ NASCAR/ Albany Brownout/
Silverplated 606/ Oxygenated/ Ratmobile/ Novelty/ Uninstall/ Chlorine/ 13 Years


Francine EP
Features songs from their 2000 release: 40 on a Fall Day and 2 tracks not found elsewhere.
Pop Warner, Reddish Blonde, Overthrown, Want Ad King, Staged


Francine CD: Forty on a Fall Day
Q Division Records 2000
Set Of Dune, Trampoline, Want Ad King, East Hampton, Quasars, So Eureka, Stampy, Jet to Norway, Reddish Blonde, And, Mean As Hell, Pop Warner, Failing, Robot Maid, Aw Grace, I Do Too


Stand-ins for decibels: The dB's tribute
Francine has a track on the new Paisley-pop Tribute to The DBs!

From the Paisley Pop Site:
Finally! Two years (off and on) in the making... Paisley Pop is proud to finally release our tribute to one of our favorite bands of all-time... the dB's! And as luck would have it, the group has just gotten back together this year. If you're one of the many who somehow missed out on all the great music they made back in yesteryear, let me fill you in:

the dB's stretched the boundaries of the three-minute pop song to their limits, while never abandoning the pure-pop ethic... North Carolina's gift to 80s rock, they were one of those smart, trendy, talented bands that critics love and the big record companies don't know how to sell. Songwriters Stamey & Holsapple were the Lennon/McCartney of their generation .

For Fans Of:
the dB's, R.E.M., Big Star, Yo La Tengo, Fountains of Wayne, They Might Be Giants, The New Pornographers, The Beatles, Badfinger. The Posies, Hootie & Blowfish


1. Neverland - BILL LLOYD
2. Cycles Per Second - LISA MYCHOLS
3. If and When - SPIKE PRIGGEN
4. Dynamite - DON DIXON
5. Storm Warning - THE MELLO CADS
6. Working For Somebody Else - COCKEYED GHOST & EVIE SANDS
7. White Train - LAST TRAIN HOME
8. Moving In Your Sleep - STEVE ALMAAS & ALI SMITH
9. Lonely Is (As Lonely Does) - JILL OLSON
10. Ask For Jill - THE SWIVEL CHAIRS
11. Think Too Hard - THE HANGING CHADS
(Jamie Hoover, Bill Lloyd, Don Dixon and Robert Crenshaw)
12. Death Garage - NOEL COWARD'S GHOST
13. Nothing Is Wrong - BROWN MOUNTAIN LIGHTS
14. Big Brown Eyes - AARON SPADE
15. Amplifier - MATT KEATING
16. From A Window To A Screen - THE TANGERINE TROUSERS*
17. I Feel Good (Today) - BOBBY SUTLIFF
18. Molly Says - TIM LEE
19. I Lie - RAY MASON
20. On The Battlefront - FRANCINE
22. Love Is For Lovers - The ANTHONY WAYNE SOUND