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    ALARM CLOCKS [171370-MI0240]

Your company techno-philes are going to absolutely love this compact super-radio - does everything but the dishes! Two AAA batteries required (not included).Features: Automatic time and date receiving function (12/24 hrs. format); Display temperature in F or C; U.S. map displaying 4 time zones; Calendar; Alarm - wake up by buzzer or radio; Backlighted digital display.

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    TIMERS [171370-MI2108]

When time is of the essence Traveling size makes easy transport for; countdown tip to 100 minutes. Requires one AAA battery (not included).

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    BOOK LIGHTS [171370-MI840]

This 3-in-1 travel mate accommodates easy travel, and your logo will tag along on the front of clip. Features: Desktop alarm clock with foldable back stand; Flexible and retractable book light with back clip; Folds up into a handy flashlight; Two AAA batteries included.

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