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    CLOCKS [171370-MI0071]

Look ma', no hands! This round cherry wood wall clock updates via radio control continuously-without the need for any manual adjustment. A great way to promote the fact that your organization will handle the details. Your logo is imprinted on clock face; one AA battery included.

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    CLOCKS [171370-MI0085]

Keep time to the second with this radio contolled round wall clock; continually updates without any manual adjustment. Clock face has minute and second markings for accurate time, all of the time. Logo or message imprint appears on clock face. One AA battery included.

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    CLOCKS [195838-2404]

Will people talk! This walking clock is sure to become a topic of conversation, as well as the contemporary company that thought of this neat gift! Clock's feet and legs adjust to almost any position, while clock face rotates to right angles. With choice of three clockface styles, and four body colors. 1 AA battery included. Logo is in center of dial.

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    CLOCKS [195838-31136]

You won't be square with the strong appearance of this wall clock. Glass cover and thick acrylic frame emphasize your logo or message in center of clock face. Comes in 5 colors.

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    CLOCKS [195838-32050]

Only time will tell how big of a hit you'll make, when you give this round wall clock to your best staff members and customers. Wide acrylic frame has glass cover and comes in 4 striking colors.

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    CLOCKS [195838-WL3144]

From breakroom to gameroom, this master wall clock will help employees track time easily. Large easy-to-read numbers, glass cover and 5 rim colors from which to choose. With 11-1/4 diameter, you have an immense message/logo area. (Clock: 11-3/4)

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    CLOCKS [195838-WL6]

Great things come in small packages - and this round wall clock makes a delightful addition to office or kitchen. Has plastic cover, acrylic frame, and available in four colors. Batteries included.

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