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    MOUSE PADS [140480-MPC1A]

What better way to have your logo at prospects' fingertips than a full-color mouse pad from BIC. Just send us your full color image.

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    MOUSEPADS [148545-FIL]

Your logo and message frame your clients' favorite photos in this hard surface mousepad. The display window holds a photo or other type of insert, and although the photos may change, your company presence will remain constant.

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    MOUSEPADS [161013-CBMPL]

Decorate this large mousepad with your custom message; the side opens up to insert personal photos, business cards or reminders - but you'll always be on top!

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Your name will be sure to get lots of second glances with this liquid mousepad. Your custom graphics covers two non-mixing liquids in a variety of color combinations. Basic size is 9 1/2 by 7 1/2 .

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    MOUSEPADS [161013-PLMPM]

Capture their attention with your message in bold full color. Our oversized can reproduce vivid images crisply and beatifully. Its a great way to ensure your ad, award or message is always at hand.

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    MOUSEPADS [161013-SLMPM]

This super sized pad allows easy and wide range mouse movement - over your super message.

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    MOUSEPADS [162233-PFBC1016]

Customers love these picture frame and business card combination mousepads; put your advertising on the frame itself or as an insert on the inside.

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    MOUSEPADS [162233-SMP]

These beautiful mousepads will stand out on any desk for long-lasting advertising impact.

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    MOUSE PADS [179530-PL108]

Ensure your group's identity is always at hand. Our unique, gel-filled mouse pad is designed to be comfy and fun.

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