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    BASKETS [138735-50352]

Appreciation never looked or tasted so good! A Thank You mug holds Turtle Brew coffee in a stained basket with wooden handles. Gourmet goodies include chocolate chip & Twinnies chocolate cookies, caramel popcorn, Pirouline roll-ups and chocolate wafers. A Thank You bow completes the basket!

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    BASKETS [138735-50455]

Create a party with a Southwest theme! This distinctive basket holds cheese snacks, Sunshine BBQ almond crunchies, jalapeno cheese straws, hot sauce, Los Chileros blue chips and Frontera salsa.

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    BASKETS [138735-50500]

This impressive wooden chest with brass highlights can be re-used at the office or at home. It contains Mocha Magic espresso beans, chocolate raspberry cookies, French burnt peanuts, French truffles, wine biscuits, Danish Garden raspberry preserves, Monet crackers and raspberry parfait cocoa.

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    BASKETS [138735-50503]

Beautiful and delicious! This wooden oval basket holds Brie cheese and Monet crackers, butter crpe wafers, raspberry chocolate biscotti bar, Snickerdoodle coffee, Ambrosia fruit mix, gourmet turtle popcorn, Irish crme cake and focaccia tower. The emerald & amethyst theme is completed with an elegant striped bow.

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    BASKETS [138735-50506]

A five-tier tower of quality treats to please even the most discriminating tastes: 12 oounces of cashews, peppermint bark, 16 ounces of chocolate covered Oreo Cookies, 7 ounces caramel popcorn and 6 ounces of delicious premium, homemade fudge.

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    BASKETS [138735-50750]

Give your customer the acclaim they deserve with this collection: A tower of gourmet turtle popcorn, chocolate crepe wafers, Eclair filled cookies, wine crackers, Mocha Magic espresso beans, Malto Bella malt balls, Port Salut cheese spread, caramel popcorn, pecan toffee and seasoned pretzels.

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    BASKETS [138735-58619]

When the tasty snacks are gone this silver wire gourmet basket will find many new uses. It comes filled with East Shore pretzels, Venus crackers, Cheese, Cheddar cheese sticks in a lighthouse package and Cape Cod chocolate covered cranberries.

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    BASKETS [138735-58859]

Six pieces of fresh-picked, premium quality fruit and lots of goodies make great snacking. The gourmet treats included are Candy Caramel Corn, Toasted wheat crackers, a tin of fruit bon bons, Venus cookies, a 1.5 oz Ghirardelli chocolate bar, 2 (2 oz) packages of cheese and 2 Truffini Brand truffles.

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    BASKETS [138735-58980]

Our ten inch Silver Star basket holds Lindt truffles, port wine cheese straws, cookies, Terra chips, seasoned pretzels, and a chocolate star for the special recognition you want to give to your top performers.

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    BASKETS [138735-59177]

Southwest flavors that are sure to please fill this festive basket: Aztec corn chips, Frontera Salsa, Porta Orange chocolate bar, Sunshine almonds with a saffron bowl to serve up the fun!

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    BASKETS [138735-59491]

This globe printed box is filled with Mexican cocoa, Indian Chai tea, French roast coffee, Greek chocolate wafers, Swedish cookies, Asian tea, Italian malt balls, Spanish chocolate almond bar, Belgian chocolate and Italian biscotti bar tied with a raphia bow.

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    BASKETS [138735-59716]

Great for an afternoon out in the park. A hinged wicker basket with carrying handle is filled with 5.5 oz crackers, 6oz roasted garlic cheese, 1.75 oz tomato basil crackers, 7 oz beef salami, 4.9oz chocolate wafers, 1.5 oz dark chocolate biscotti, 1.5 oz seasoned almonds.

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