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    BASKETS [138735-50057]

6 oz. of fresh pecan fudge in a gift box that has a slotted top for your gift or business card.

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    BASKETS [138735-50255]

This tower has gourmet food to please the whole office: 5.5 oz Taffy, 9 oz cheddar sesame sticks, 18 oz hard fruit candy & cheese popcorn.

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    BASKETS [138735-50356]

These gourmet snacks stack up to fun! 8 ounce chocolate almonds, 8 ounces pistachios, 13 ounces chocolate pretzels and 7 ounces caramel popcorn.

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    BASKETS [138735-50452]

Irresistible gourmet chocolate treats make this basket a favorite: Cachet Adagio Belgian chocolates, chocolate crepe wafers, hazelnut-filled cookies, Malto Bella malt balls, chocolate raspberry espresso cake, Bellagio cocoa, Nikolas dark chocolate almond pistachio biscotti, & Truffini truffles.

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    BASKETS [138735-50506]

A five-tier tower of quality treats to please even the most discriminating tastes: 12 oounces of cashews, peppermint bark, 16 ounces of chocolate covered Oreo Cookies, 7 ounces caramel popcorn and 6 ounces of delicious premium, homemade fudge.

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    BASKETS [138735-50602]

Chocolate lovers will delight in this tower of 7 oz chocolate toffee with almonds, 11 oz white chocolate turtles, 24 oz chocolate almonds, 10oz gourmet turtle popcorn & 6 oz homemade fudge.

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    BASKETS [138735-58765]

Gold wire chest filled with caramel popcorn, golden brick of chocolate, chocolate coins, money mints and Malto Bella candies

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    CANDIES [161820-MINTS]

Use this worldwide favorite to sweeten up your prospects. Individually wrapped candies are sure to please everyone, and give you a fantastic method of advertising you can use anytime, anywhere.

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    PREMIUM MINTS [179653-PLM200]

Sugar-free and aspartame-free mints with a big flavor. Xylitol reduces plaque and freshens breath. Specify black and white or silver with peppermint or cinnamon mints. Includes a one-location, one-color pad-print.

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    CREDIT CARD MINTS [179653-PLM250]

Micro-sized mints in a credit-card sized container. Sugar-free and aspartame-free. Black, white, transparent clear or transparent blue with peppermint or cinnamon mints. Includes a one-location, one-color pad-print. Custom color containers available.

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    MINTS [179653-PLM251]

Powerful sugar-free and aspartame-free peppermint or cinnamon mints. The tin makes a snip-snap sound when opened or closed. Specify black, white or silver tin. Includes a one-location one-color pad-print.

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    CELLO MINTS [179653-PLM252]

Ultra-thin sheets of Cello-MintsTM instantly dissolve in your mouth with a blast of minty flavor. Contains 24 powerful sugar-free and aspartame-free sheets per package. Specify peppermint or cinnamon. Includes a one-location, one-color pad-print. Patents pending.

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