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    BALL BUDDIES [156730-A158]

Your company image is highly visible with the light, practical design of this ball buddy. It keeps tees, markers and balls close at hand, and helps maintain a fast-paced game.

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    GOLF BAG COVERS [166887-830071]

Practical and accomodatingthis golf bag cover sets the pace! This wonderful item is designed to transport golf fans everywhere. Features an integrated wheeled cart system, top pull handle for ease of transportation, padded top of main compartment protects club heads, and a zippered front compartment is provided for shoes. Designed to fit most golf bags and clubs.

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    GOLF BALLS [179680-1DTSL]

Incorporate your corporate logo on the new Titleist« DT SoLo that features a soft compression, high velocity core and a soft Surlyn blend cover. This combination provides lower driver spin for long distance off the tee as well as minimizing unintentional hook and slice sidespin for straighter distance. Unlike many other low spin distance golf balls, the DT SoLo still provides soft feel on all shots tee-to-green.

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    GOLF BALLS [179680-1EX]

The new Pinnacle« Exception golf ball is designed to deliver exceptionally long distance and exceptionally soft feel, with enhanced spin and control around the green. The Exception also dispels the myth that a distance ball can't perform well in all aspects of the short game. Place your logo on these and your company will become the "Exception" to the rule!
- Exceptionally soft feel on all shots
- Exceptional spin and control around the green
- Optimal aerodynamics for Exceptionally long distance with driver and long irons

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    GOLF BALLS [179680-1G]

With Pinnacle«, "distance doesn't have to be hard". That makes it easier for your clients and employees. Imprint your logo on these Gold Distance balls; for golfers seeking long distance and outstanding durability with soft responsive feel around the green.
- New, softer compression core
- Durable, Surlyn« cover blend
- 392 Icosahedral dimple design

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    GOLF BALLS [179680-1NXN]

You've got maximum ad impact with your logo on the new Titleist« NXT. It features a combination of advanced solid core and Fusablend cover technologies resulting in an even longer NXT golf ball that maintains its short game spin and control.

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    GOLF BALLS [179680-1NXT]

Let your message be carried oin the lastest technology. Titleist«'s NXT Tour's core has been reformulated to provide more speed at a softer compression. The faster, softer core lowers the spin and results in longer distance. The large 1.590'' core size helps make it a great performer. Your logo is imprinted in 1 to 4 colors.

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    GOLF BALLS [179680-1TV]

You're logo will make it to the green in style on the Titleist« Pro V1. It fuses three of Titleist's« industry leading technologies to produce a flatter, less arcing ascent and straight ball flight for exceptional driver and long iron distance. The trajectory profile generates a steep angle of descent into the green and provides Drop-and-StopÖ performance on approach shots.

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    GOLF BALLS [179680-224617]

The new Srixon« Soft Feel is the softest ball made by Srixon«; but you'll make a solid impression with your custom corporate imprint. The Srixon« Soft Feel incorporates tour proven performance in a low compression ball comfortable enough for the everyday golfer.
User Benefits:
* Tremendous soft feel for all shots tee to green
* Exceptional driver distance with good approach iron spin
* Optimum performance for a wide range of golfers including those with low swing speeds

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    GOLF BALLS [179680-3210]

More Rubber, More Distance. It's That Simple. The rubber is the material that gives a ball its velocity and distance. Put your logo on the Srixon«, for phenomenally long-driving advertising impact.

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    GOLF BALLS [190740-60152]

Go the distance with your company logo on these Top Flite XL Pure Distance golf balls. Long distance golf ball with lots of roll, so it's popular with golfers.

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    GOLF KITS [190740-60514]

Focus on 'attitude' with a motivational tin complete with two Titleist NXT brand golf balls and 6 tees, customized with your message. Many tee colors available.

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