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    KEYCHAINS [132145-0075T]

Keep your logo at-hand with a fun, ice-colored Tag-Lite. Each Lite includes a bright red LED light, split-ring, and replaceable button cell batteries.

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    KEY RINGS [132145-424]

A great way to ensure your message is always at hand: brightly-colored keychain lights. Features an extra-bright, pre-focused, high-intensity bulb; a black anodized split-ring; and a strong, but lightweight PVC case means they can be carried everywhere, with your message imprinted.

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    KEY RINGS [132145-5075]

Offer them a light that keeps on ticking, and your company will not fade from memory, especially when it's imprinted on this cute keychain light! Bright-white LED allows extended continuous use for more than 100 hours on one set of batteries. It comes in 5 cool 'ice' colors, has a black anodized swivel split-ring, and positive-action on/off switch.

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    KEY LIGHTS [132145-5175]

Ensure your brand message is seen by imprinting it on our long-life polished chrome keychain light. Bright-white LED allows extended continuous use for more than 100 hours on one set of batteries. It comes in a sleek, futuristic design in polished chrome and includes an oversized, 1 5/16 diameter matching polished chrome split-ring.

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    BASKETBALLS [132145-555]

When you want to send a high-intensity message, these Sure Touch keyring lights are the answer?the innovative Posi-Tac switch ensures dependable lighting every time, a pre-focused bulb sends out a high-intensity beam.

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    KEYCHAINS [161013-PLKT]

Make waves and get lots of comments about this liquid and floater filled keychain. A company photo or image will stand out marvelously in full color glory.

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    KEY S [162820-IMCK1141]

Push button valet key holder lends aristocratic charm to your logo. Key holder has split rings and your logo engraved on hand-polished nickel finish over alloy.

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    KEY S [162820-IMCK6139]

Make a subtle statement with this push button, pull-apart valet and pull-top valet key holder. Laser engraved logo looks elegant on matte nickel finish over long-lasting brass base.

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    KEY S [162820-IMCK8129]

Flashlight key holder with flashlight and 3 removable "mini" split rings. Titanium finish over alloy with red light.

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    KEY S [162820-IMCK9171]

Progressive and long-lasting method of keeping your company name out in front. This gorgeous split-ring key holder is made of hand polished nickel finish over alloy with black leather accent.

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    KEYCHAINS [166920-PV1201]

This product features a three-dimensional logo application with vivid color and extreme detail, heavy- duty brass split-ring accent, and black ribbed material. Keytag also comes in a teardrop shape.

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    KEYCHAINS [171370-MI27]

Promote a sporting attitude with this key chain; also features a bottle opener. Special anodized treatment provides long-lasting fascination colors. Logo fills the length of the miniature skateboard.

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    KEYCHAINS [171370-MI377]

Transport your promotional message on the side of this metal freight truck key chain.

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    KEYCHAINS [171370-MI379]

Your company logo is sported on the front of this metal golf bag key chain.

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    KEYCHAINS [171370-MI4043]

Demonstrate your patriotism with this keychain; stars and stripes of the American flag fly on star-shape which features your logo beneath the flag imprint.

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    KEYCHAINS [171370-MI5012]

Your promotions will run up to speed with these tire gauge keychains. Logo is prominently featured on side and tire gauge provides high accuracy (up to 50 lbs. pressure).

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    KEYCHAINS [171370-MI9028]

Silver plated keyring featuring your logo in oval center exudes your company's excellence in a way that is simple and elegant.

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    KEYCHAINS [179530-CE850]

Bring a little light into your next communications program with your logo imprinted on these popular cat's eye keychains. Just squeeze the case to activate the light, and they come in 4 great translucent colors.

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    KEYCHAINS [179530-PA133]

With this handy key tag, they will never be far from a pen, their keys or your phone number when you imprint it on this tag! Red and blue ink pens included.

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    KEYCHAINS [179530-PL880]

3 gifts in one is what you giveaway when you give them this handy keychain that is a light and whistle as well. Your name is imprinted on one color.Comes in 4 trendy translucent colors.

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