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    BEANIES [167900-BB23]

Young and young at heart love these adorable beanies. Your logo appears on dog's brightly colored shirt; you'll be sure to draw plenty of fun accolades with this promotion.

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    BEANIES [167900-BB62]

Nothing's more cute and cuddly than our napping puppy. Your logo or ad message is imprinted on dog's shirt.

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    BEAR [167900-GB1]

This charming sitting graham teddy will steal the hearts of your customers; he wears your company color and logo on his shirt.

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    COW [167900-K2E]

This 9 stuffed cow sports your logo on his shirt; choose from a variety of colors for his wardrobe. Features embroidered nose and eyes. Create a mooo-ving promotion!

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    DOG [167900-NP1S]

This newspaper dog will tout your promotion - along with the fetched paper. Logo or message is on his colored shirt; choose from many colors to coordinate with your corporate colors.

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    BEAR [167900-PBDR]

Stand out with our cute and cuddly Dr Bear, and ensure your promotion is loved by all. Ideal for physicians, health clinics or companies that offer fix-it professional services.

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Safety-related industries can have a field day with appropriately themed promotions. The seat belt pal lion will have children roaring to buckle up, and their parents thanking you for it!

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