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    BAGS [137170-SB9317]

Make a name in the travel and leisure industry with this take-it-anywhere inflatable bag/ pillow/cushion with your message imprinted in one color on the front. Deflated, its a bag large enough to store a beach towel, lotions, and so much more. Inflated it becomes a pillow or a cushion, and is strong enough to hold up to 250 lbs. Sturdy white cord with plastic grommets at the top make it easy to carry. (Not to be used as a flotation device.)

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    BALLS [137170-SP6020]

Splash your logo between the colorful panels of this 16 baseball in red, yellow, blue, and white and watch the fun begin.

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    BASEBALLS [137170-SP6023BB]

Your company will definitely score a hit with this inflatable 14 baseball in white with red markings. The low-cost solution that you have been looking for.

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    CONTAINERS [137170-SP6025]

Reach customers in the bath/body and hair care industries with your name on this unique packaging design which displays and holds a variety of products. The see-thru container has roomy storage and easy side opening for a wide range of products. Just remove the products and inflate it and it turns into a relaxing bath pillow that can be secured to the tub by plastic suction cups.

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    TRAVEL SEATS [137590-100]

A practical,appreciated gift or award: our travel seat turns the hard, cold or sandy seats into a comfy, cushioned surface. Made from 420 denier nylon and engineered with structural support rods, each seat is made to last. With extra padding for comfort, snap button closure and tote handle, each seat is designed for convenience.

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    BEACH BALLS [155525-BB216]

Think beach! Have a great time the upcoming picnic and or beach event with our 16 red, white and blue beachballs as party favors. Logo imprint stands out on white panel.

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    NECK TOTES [155990-NT3]

Convenient, plastic neck tote sun kit contains sunscreen and two Blistex. Packed fully assembled.

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    CLOCKS [171370-MI6006]

Help promote safety in the sun with this device. UV meter tell user safe exposure time according to sunblock SPF value. When sun exposure exceeds 100%, unit sounds warning beep and symbol is shown. Features: Digital clock with 12/24 hr. display option; Temperature F or C display; Anti slippery design; Diversified carrying method: As pendulum, wristwatch and collar pin.

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    VISOR CLIPS [192245-560]

Promote your message and help protect your clients' eyewear. Each clip attaches to the car visor, and keeps glasses out of harms way with push-button ease.

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