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    FIRST AID KIT [131969-AEFAID01]

Promote a safe work environment as well as your caring spirit with this first aid kit. Includes the basics for emergency first aid: bandages, scissors, tape, gauze and more.

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    NECK TOTES [155990-NT2]

Handy, plastic neck tote first aid kit contains four adhesive bandages, triple antibiotic ointment, antiseptic towelette and first aid card. Packed fully assembled. A sports essential!

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    FIRST AID KITS [155990-PSK]

Handy, plastic, watertight pocket first aid kit (choice of three models varying on supplies included), comes in five solid colors and five transparent colors to choose from.

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    KITS [179980-GK210]

Don't let your customers be caught in the cold this season: prepare your customers with everything they'll need to stay warm in the snow. Your customer will love you for it! Kit includes: Hand warmers, Blistex, Sunscreen, Lens Wipes and more.

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