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    EMERY BOARDS [134040-EB1]

Place your logo on these 4 1/2 x 1/2 emery boards for a fine finishing touch. Great for tradeshows tokens, America's finest emery boards give the precise feel needed for professional-looking nails.

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    BASKETS [138735-50351]

This spa basket will help anyone relax his or her cares away with Green Tea shower gel, tea cookies, sisal scrubber, hand-poured candle, roasted salted pistachios, and 3 Leaves tea bags, beautifully presented in a natural basket with a sheer sage bow.

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    BASKETS [138735-50370]

Lots of necessities for that new little one: a rubber duck, a Ducky Seasons book, baby bottle, brush and comb set, an acrylic baby frame, and cookies & tea for mom.

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    BASKETS [138735-50930]

Wind down with Green Tea shower gel and bath salts, a sisal scrubber, hand-poured candle, vanilla almond tea cookies and 3 Specialty tea bags. Then cozy up in a soft terry robe. Real relief for any stress!

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    BASKETS [138735-59495]

Sip tea and eat cookies while you bathe with this basket. Included are 3 tea packets, 1.4oz vanilla almond cookies, 1.5oz pistachios, vanilla votive candle,12oz shower gel and a sisal scrubber.

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    MONITORS [171370-MI168A]

Clinics and physician's offices or employer's health & wellness programs are certain to receive attention with this thoughtful and caring incentive. Digital blood pressure monitor measures systolic, diastolic and heart pulse, 48 memory with date and time. F.D.A. approved. Requires two AA batteries (included).

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    PILL STORAGE [171370-MI2111]

For the health of it all; you'll promote good health with this compact medicine storage unit with timer for reminding when to take meds. 24 hour timer function; neck string included. Logo presented on bottom.

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    DUMBBELLS [171370-MI7001]

It's easy to stay fit - even at the office - with this dumbbell. It's water filled, so can be adjusted for weight easily, and features repetition counter. Large imprint area helps remind folks that your company cares. 2kg (4.4lbs) filled.

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    THERMOMETERS [171370-MI809]

Promote good health. Our handy, quality-made thermometer takes ear temperature for an instant reading. Features include: Response in less than 1/2 second of time; Precision readings; F.D.A. approved.

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    THERMOMETERS [171370-MI8336]

A super handy tool to promote good health at health fairs and for company wellness programs. Quick-reading thermometer has Farenheit reading scale. Takes temperature in only 60 seconds with beep after measurement, and fever alarm.

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    MASSAGERS [179530-PL303]

Soothe the senses of even your most high strung clients with this massager. Has easy grip curved handle and four bubble points to glide tension away.

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    HEAT PACKS [195838-E1020]

Our 4 diameter circular, reusable heat pack relieves sports aches and pains, or can be used to ease daily stress. It stays warm for hours, but your advertising message will last much longer than that! Logo is displayed on clear disc; colored fill liquid is optional.

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    LIP BALMS [195838-LIPP]

Customize this nifty plastic tin with your corporate slogan and your customers will recognize a sweet kiss of kindness. It's filled with strawberry lip balm, SPF 15. Fits easily into purse or pocket. Several base and lid colors from which to choose.

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