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    KNIFE KITS [178825-SL4]

A great way to promote to the avid fisherman! Your logo is prominently featured on the case of this traveling knife kit that includes: large and small fillet knives, serrated knife w/scaler, tuility scissors, sharpening steel, cutting board, gloves, fish scale w/compass and 3' tape measure. No need for "big fish" stories - they'll really bring 'em in!

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    TOOL KITS [179530-PL455]

Your company helps level the playing field for clients with this leveler/screwdriver combination. Bubble-style level has pocket clip and magnetic port for accepting one of three supplied screwdriver bits, with your logo proudly displayed on top. Words simply; insert bit into the magnetic port on the end of the leveler. This magnetizes the bit itself, and creates easy handling of small screws and working in hard to reach places. Leveler is flat, making it stable on surface being measured. All of these features plus a satin-silver metal case with fitted foam insert.

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